About TEASE PR Agency

Small businesses, specifically minority-owned brands, play a pertinent role in the US economy and beyond. They fill niche voids forgotten by big business. Minority brands are vital to the progress of our Culture.

TEASE Public Relations Agency (TPRA) is a woman-owned, Brand Management & PR firm where culture is key! We are an intimate team with global reach driven by trust, integrity and results for our clients.

TPRA leverages proven paid & organic strategies to help level the playing field for new brands, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. To grow our portfolio of international client brands, we offer the following services:

  • Brand Management: Brand Identity | Growth Strategy | Strategic Brand Partnerships
  • Startup Support: Market Research | Data Analysis | Network Development | Sales & Service Training
  • Executive Leadership: Public Speaking | Image Management | Leadership Success Coaching

At the TEASE PR Agency, passion for our clients drives everything that we do!

The TEASE Public Relations Agency is not currently accepting clients. We are proud to support Black-owned startups with an emphasis on cannabis, holistic wellness & tech brands; see our Partners page for resources to help grow your network and brand.