Hot off the Press!

Press is the public’s view into the soul of your company. It directs your brand narrative, influences public opinion of your company and, when executed properly, offers your brand visibility and opportunities otherwise unknown. Every business needs publicity in some form for brand growth and scalability. Search our partners to begin constructing, controlling and amplifying your brand today!

See how we used the power of social media, email marketing and publicity to define and amplify the Black Girls Wine brand and their Washington, D.C. brand debut!
See how we leveraged social media and publicity to promote the launch of new community- & entrepreneurship-focused cannabis podcast, ANTI.
With PR, foreign startups are able to leverage a unique combination of open accessibility & popularity to amplify themselves globally by launching in the US Media market.

Above is just a few examples from some of our favorite projects. Our firm leverages over a decade of diversified experience from small international startups to Fortune 100 corporations across sectors from finance and real estate to government contracts, independent sales and luxury commerce. We study, apply and tweak direct insight and market data to build effective, scalable visibility strategies integrating various media, industry partners and digital marketing.

The TEASE Public Relations Agency is not currently accepting clients. We are proud to support Black-owned startups with an emphasis on cannabis, holistic wellness & tech brands; see our Partners page for resources to help grow your network and brand.