The TPRA Experience

The Process

In the essence of transparency, its important to understand how an agency:client relationship works. By sharing expectations and timeframes upfront, you have a clear understanding of what outcome(s) to expect from your project including important milestones, campaign performance indicators and analytics reports. Note: This standard process applies to PR, Advertising and Digital Marketing campaigns only. Brand Launches, Activations & Events are created unique to scale and are approved by both parties prior to the start of the project.

Day 1

Our first step is to identify, clarify and understand your mission, values, goals and budget.

End of Week 2

The initial two weeks of digital campaigns allow us to “preview” expected results based on current indicators. We’ll tweak the content, creative or other factors to better effectuate the next set of results.

Day 1

Next, we’ll define which measures of success (performance indicators, final outcome, etc.) will guide your project and create a plan surrounding that vision.

End of Week 4

With our previous campaign updates, the following two weeks of activity produces results in alignment with your main goal. Consistency is key here; continuous output begets lasting results.

Days 2-3

Immediately after our first meeting, we’ll begin implementing the steps discussed to achieve your goals. This varies by 1-2 days depending on the systems and tools required.

You’ll have multiple points of contact so that the lines of communication can remain open and flow freely in between these main timeline milestones.

Questions? Not sure what you need or require custom pricing and timeline? We’re happy to create a unique plan that fits your needs. Drop us a line.

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