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About Our Founder

Mercedes Teasley, Founder & Chief Brand Curator
Mindfulness Practitioner | Master Manifestor | Serial Entrepreneur | Wanderlust | Wine & Food Lover

I’m Mercy, executive leader & co-founder of a multi-million dollar startup, visionary leader and mindfulness success coach at Manifest with Mercy.

Prior to leaving Corporate America in 2018, I served as marketing exec for various clients including everything from Fortune 100 enterprises to three-person startups based out of Belgium. Using data + strategy, my efforts have earned my clients over $10M in marketing revenue.

Today, I provide strategic, visionary leadership as Chief of Marketing for two startups focused on diversification and innovation in cannabis, cryptocurrency and technology. For us, by us.

As an entrepreneur since age 17 and marketing & communications pro with over 10 years of experience, I’ve learned first hand what it takes to build and grow a business from the ground up. My passion for helping others create mindfully-designed lives through entrepreneurship drives my vision to help create scalable black-owned brands and cultivate an inter-connected community of opportunities, resources and inspiration for my people. This mission is the core essence of the TEASE PR Agency.

At the TEASE PR Agency, passion for our clients drives everything that we do!

Your business needs structure to operate, visibility to attract clients and revenue to increase and scale. That’s why our team works smart to craft each client a unique brand identity & authority, dynamic digital marketing campaigns, automated processes & systems and individually tailored advertising plans to ensure your brands success.

At TPRA, we strongly value equality, diversity and inclusivity of all and cross collaborate with local, domestic and international media, peers, partners and advisors to help you create your ideal image.

In my spare time, I help entrepreneurs like you master your time & energy for mastery over your mind, money, marketing and life manifestations. Together, we’ll rewrite and redefine your narrative to shift from employee to entrepreneur and build the life you desire and deserve. Learn more about that here

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