Founder’s Corner

Mercedes Teasley CEO & Founder, Business Wins & Receipts

Mercedes Teasley-Dorsey, Tease PR Founder & CEO

As a 10+ year business veteran, I’ve learned first hand what it takes to build and grow a business. My passion for entrepreneurship, success and community drives the core values of the TPR Agency:

Trust, integrity and RESULTS for our clients!

Your business needs structure to operate, visibility to attract clients and revenue to increase and scale. That’s why our team works smart to build your unique brand image & authority, marketing, processes & systems and client interface to ensure your brand success.

At TPRA, we strongly value equality, diversity and inclusivity of all and cross collaborate with local, domestic and international media & press to build your ideal image

In my spare time, I connect other entrepreneurs to business building resources to ELEVATE and scale their ideas, passions and startups.

The TPRA team looks forward to working with you!