Attracting (& Keeping) Top Talent (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials & Beyond)!

Daily Inspiration – Your team should know what you know and feel comfortable sharing resources to find their own inspiration! Here are unique ways to get your team focused, centered and inspired:

*Promoteand/or implement daily yoga and meditation.

*Daily biz inspiration from industry faves; my team and I are partial to GinaDevee’s daily talk show, Divine Living, in particular.

*Find inspiration in books, podcasts, vlogs, sites, subscriptions, etc. If you get joy, insight, ideas and whatever else from it, then chances are, so will your team!

Open-door Communication Policy [&Action]-Communicate often and via multiple methods focusing on being informative,helpful and non-judgmental.

Be Honest & Encourage Transparency – Closed-door meetings, seemingly impulsive firings and witholding information, promotes employee uncertainty and encourages low morale. Is a role, or the company itself, in shift mode? If so, share the info with your team so that they are“in the know” and able to focus on progressing the mission instead of gossip,job uncertainty and finding another role!

Work/Life Balance – It’s difficult to retain top talent – or any employee for that matter – if leadership and work culture indicates that work is more important that their own personal lives (which are oft ranked higher priority than work tasks and issues). Here are ways to show your team you value the time they put into achieving your organization’s goals:

  1. Offer Remote Work – Let them live their lives on their terms, so long as they are accessible!
  2. Offer alternate work schedules – If your company mandates 40 hours, offer early/late hours, such as a 7a-4p or 10a-6p schedule, to accommodate differing needs of each team member.
  3. Encourage Sharing & Playing Together Outside of Work – Do not limit their creativity and partnerships outside of the office; this promotes partnership and fulfillment.

We’re all human, everyone needs balance!

Remember field trip days? – Host a field work day! Meet at a coffee shop or restaurant that offers creative meeting spaces such as chalk, glass or whiteboard walls, for brainstorming, hanging post-it notes and more. This encourages creativity, promotes flexibility and incites a feeling of adventure!

Don’t want to spend resources to rent a space? Have a community-work day, instead, wherein your team meets and works in a common area within your building or outside space such as a park or library with wifi.

Pay! (And Discussing Pay) – Why must we make this such a complicated, touchy subject?! Everyone on your team should be paid the exact same amount, and rewarded the same amount, no matter the level of education, experience or any other factors. No negotiation, no favoritism, no other -isms. Its time to understand how to run a business and change corporate policies to benefit employees, those who keep your business running!


About the Author
Hi, I’m Mercedes, a Brand Marketing & Communications strategist with over 10 years’ experience in business and a proven track record of building brands. I’ve worked amongst the best as a finance & marketing consultant for the likes of Capital One, Citibank and Signet Jewelers, just to name a few!

My digital agency, TEASE PR, driven by trust, integrity and RESULTS for our clients,masterfully highlights global brands with digital marketing & public relations. You can learn more about the TEASE PR Agency at  

For more hands-on pros, ELEVATE The Small Business Accelerator helps entrepreneurs launch & build sustainable, scalable businesses through mentorship, transformative workshops and strategic, passion-fueled networking and more. Join and connect at

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