6 Free Hacks to Conquer Your Startup (you need #5)!

Six Free Hacks to Conquer Your Startup (Hint: you need #5)!

So you’ve got passion? Great! You then found a way to turn that passion into profit?! Even better! But now what? Now, you and your amazing team of one (+ or – 1!) is so busy putting the pieces together that you don’t have time to write a blog post or consistently interact on your social media audiences, right?

We’ve all been there before so as the owner of a recent startup, I feel your pain. To help, I’ve compiled a list of the SIX best time and money-saving tips, downloads and hacks that I came across when in the initial/pre-op phase. Enjoy!

  1. Free Site or Blog

If you opt for a more streamlined approach to your business and don’t necessarily consider yourself a writer or wordsmith, no worries! You can always begin with a beautiful and well-crafted site using a sitebuilder such as Wix, who offers great info in their blog and additives such as standard email templates to use and places to advertise your site/service/products. Another great option is Weebly.

If you happen to enjoy expressing yourself and connecting with your audience in writing or would like to start, you can create an amazing, free blog or site using WordPress (generally more popular making it easy to follow other bloggers and sites easily) or Blogger (directly links with YouTube)!

  1. Take Advantage of Free Social Media

Social media is the best way to exponentially share with (and capitalize on) the billions of daily users connected to the World Wide Web! TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagramYouTubeGoogle Plus are all top sites to share your content with your followers and fans. You can also use sites such as RedditStumbleUpon and Digg to share videos and content with millions of various user-audiences.

  1. Free Email Marketing

DON’T SLEEP ON EMAILS! Reach your subscribers, friends, family and fans free and easy! MailChimpZoho or Benchmark.

  1. Free Content Management/Editorial Calendar

Since you’re busy running all of the various other aspects of your business, get yourself organized so that you can (forget to remember) the small things and focus on the big things! BUT, you can’t be a jack-of-all-trades so utilize one of these free-already developed- calendars instead of spending hours formatting an Excel sheet!  There are great content generators such as CoSchedule,  Hubspot and Marketo offering free content calendars to help manage your soon-to-be busy content schedule. A content calendar allows you to preschedule email, social, traditional and other types of content/adverts that you plan to send out to your audience.

  1. Evernote Mobile & Desktop App

Too many thoughts, not enough time to write them all?! Fear not, Evernote is a FREE app which allows you to voice-record as it transcribes your words. Yes, it TRANSCRIBES! No more long hours pecking away at a keyboard; simply open your Evernote app and get to speaking (and writing)! This app is an amazing time saver and my best find yet. For any business professional on the go, Evernote will surely simplify your life. Amongst other uses, Evernote can serve as a collaborative, intuitive task management system and file-sharing tool, allowing docs to be edited on-the-go via your smartphone and saved and synced in real time! Needless to say, YOU NEED THIS TOOL!

  1. Free Mentorship, Guidance & Advice

SCORE is a nonprofit offering free, free, FREE guidance, mentorship, advice and resources from the nation’s largest, network of free (yep, there it is again), expert business mentors. USE THIS SERVICE to TRULY establish your business the right way! Everything from building business plans, to securing financing to opening you doors (both, virtual and brick & mortar) and everything in between. No SCORE locations near you? Try your local Small Business Administration (SBA) office or Chamber of Commerce for assistance, resources and support.

Listen up biz pros! Learn when to relinquish control and delegate—allowing others do what they do best, in turn freeing YOU up to do what YOU do best—be a kickass biz building machine!


About the Author
Hi, I’m Mercedes, a Brand Marketing & Communications strategist with over 10 years’ experience in business and a proven track record of building brands. I’ve worked amongst the best as a finance & marketing consultant for the likes of Capital One, Citibank and Signet Jewelers, just to name a few! My digital agency, TEASE PR, driven by trust, integrity and RESULTS for our clients, masterfully highlights global brands with digital marketing & public relations. You can learn more about the TEASE PR Agency at www.tease-pr.com.

For more hands-on pros, ELEVATE The Small Business Accelerator helps entrepreneurs launch & build sustainable, scalable businesses through mentorship, transformative workshops and strategic, passion-fueled networking and more. Join and connect at www.elevate-sba.com.

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